Saturday, August 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby

A BIG BIG BIG Happy Birthday to my baby Ju...
(Ju challenges Tiger Styles to a b'day Mix Off)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

NASS06 - Holy Hawk!!!

So NASS06 Birmingham England, Awsome weekend, saw Tony Hawk and Mat Hoffman do demos on the first day, followed by a full on 3 Vs 3 Breakdance competition some tricky moves going on, (Ju now has dual plats, a beanie hat on and one trouser leg rolled up!!). when we checked into the hotel it quickly became apparent we were staying in the same hotel as all the pros and judges. We went to a VIP party in the evening all the pros and celebraties were there, met Mat Hoffman (i was a little worse for wear by then, as you can see from the photo!!). Had a quick chat to DMC mix champion DJ Tiger Styles on the way out.

Next morning we made it down to breakfast to find all the pros enjoying their Rice Crispies, pretty funny, dead posh hotel, gnarley skaters gripping decks at breakfast and bumping into stuff with their big ruck sacks. I turn round and theres TONY F'ING HAWK deciding what cerial to tuck into...really surreal!

The second day we checked out the Vert skate finals and a quality demo from Tony Hawk, Zach, Mat Hoffman and Danny Mayer who pulled a Kickflip McTwist!! NICE.
The day was drawing to a close and we were heading for the car park, Ju nips to the little girls room and i'm waiting in the reception of the hotel when Tony walks past! and heads out to his car. Ju comes out and i'm like "no way you just missed Tony Hawk!". i go to the little boys room and come out to see Ju coming back into the reception looking more than a bit flustered with Tony Hawks signature on her tee!!! so i go out and see him sat on the boot of his people carrier, so i see my chance....childhood hero, walk over to him not quite beliving it, i gather myself together and say...."Hi Tony, can snuggle on there for a photo", fucking snuggle, yeah real nice Marv.

Tony on the roll in.

Some dancing Condements at the VIP party

Me and Matt Hofman

Top Graffitti

DJ Tiger Styles

Me snuggling in on the Hawkster...nice.