Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fila Trailblazers

Fila Trailblazer returns to celebrate its 15th birthday. Pinrolls are optional, but this chunky early '90s hiker is coming back and there'll be 300 of each colour being produced. The shoe itself is pretty much a faithful reproduction of the original. If we're gonna nitpick, which we will, the tongue label is a little more reserved and there are a few perforations missing and the toe box is ever so slightly off, but in comparison the the spectacularly off key retrospective efforts from other companies, this is a quality retro. As well as the classic red there's also a more traditional brown leather version that reiterates the OG hiking feel. As yet there's no word on whether we'll be seeing the return of an all suede variant, though we're sure if this outing proves popular, it can't be too far away
from: Crookedtongues

Hey Al, how many pairs of these do you recon you've laced?


rach said...

it's not how many, but how fast i can lace 'em.
dark brown was the one. it's only minutes before they bring back blue and red suede champions.
and.....this bank will shit you up:

P.H. said...

That's awsome...that last one HAD to hurt!!!