Friday, April 23, 2010

Social plug ins ... Facebook re-wires the web.

I 'like' this ... really very cool functionality introduced by Facebook has massive scope for 'Social shopping' and a more social web experience.

Levi's seem to be the first major player to get something up and working and it works well!
Share products you 'like' with your friends, they can see your choices in the store and it appears on your Facebook feed as well (the only downside, i can see so far will, be the amount of 'like' spam that will start appearing in your feed)

A cheeky little piece of added value is the upcoming birthdays panel on the right, 
so it's Joe Bloggs' birthday and he 'likes' these products ... gift problem solved!! (similar to Amazon's wish list, but prettier).

You can check out the live store here:
And the Facebook developers social plugins suite here:

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